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Being your own boss can be a pretty solid gig. You make your own hours, give yourself a day off when you need it, and reap all the rewards once you’ve earned your success. But if you’re not ready to take the plunge tofull-time just yet, consider starting a little side hustle to get you going. The extra cash flow certainly doesn’t hurt.

So where are the best places to launch a side business? Whether you’re dog walking and house sitting or graphic designing and blogging, here’s my pick of the top 10 states to launch your side gig.

1. It’s all about Utah. Not only did CNBC recently ranked it as the no. 1 state in America for business, Forbes also ranked as no. 1 in 5 out of

“DJ Mustard is playing in Hollywood tonight. We NEED to go. Be ready in 20 minutes.”

I said this to my friend Lara with an odd blend of desperation and authority.

She looked at me like I was insane, and then abruptly threw on her Sunday night’s best.  I then called my friend Lisa with the same sense of urgency over the phone (“Lisa, what are you going to do with your night? SLEEP? Come on….”). Lisa ditched her pajamas and was en route to Lara’s 10 minutes later.

I don’t know what came over me (and I randomly made an audio to take this conversation deeper with you—I hope you like it!). …Sometimes you just need to dance.

The dichotomy of their serious careers and their absurd dance moves at the nightclub had me laughing…After all, Lisa is

Who protects you?   My heart stopped when a woman in my business group asked this question.
I felt a tear roll down my cheek, and chills flutter across my body.
I lost my words, and my eyes went completely vacant… I just sat and listened to all the women around me replying:
“So many people protect me… My house flooded while I was out of town, and my CFO—a lovely woman—went and handled the whole thing! I came home, and it was like it didn’t happen.”
“My boyfriend totally protects me. Once he beat up this guy in a bar, who grabbed my ass.”
Why does this question still choke me up as I type this note to you? It reminds me of a

The clients who make my life easy are the ones willing to put hard work into their job search, just needing some direction and guidance. The tough ones are those who expect to find their dream job and triple their salary with little to no effort.

Fortunately, I see more of the former than the latter—and I’m no wizard. Unfortunately, we do live in a society that is so obsessed with instant gratification that our focus is shifting away from hard work. What is up with this whole image of success being quick and easy? I’ve helped tons of clients increase their salaries, land their dream jobs, and jump-start their careers, but not a single one of them succeeded without putting in the work I challenged

Here are three things we love this week.

1. Podcast: You Have an Expectation Hangover, Now What?

What is it: Credentialed Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, and author, Christine Hassler coaches a listener on expectations during the job hunt.

Why we love it: Expectations can run very high when you are searching for a new job or career.  Are your expectations causing you to feel burnt-out, or hungover?  Listen to this podcast to learn about important ways you can take care of yourself.

Where to find it:

2. Online Article: How to Relinquish Unrealistic Expectations

Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.,, May 17, 2016

What it is: Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. gives examples on unrealistic expectations, describes the difficulty with having these expectations and gives you the steps to relinquish them.

Where to find it:

Why we love it: Sometimes we are not aware that our expectations

Here are three things we love this week.

1. TED Talk: The Psychology Of Self-Motivation

What is it: Excellent TED Talk presented by Scott Gellar. Geller is a professor of psychology. He is also the author of, No One's Watching: Living and Leading Self-motivation. Scott examines how we can become self-motivated.

Why we love it: How to do we become success seekers instead of failure avoiders? This very powerful Ted Talk will help you understand the reasons why we all struggle with self-motivation and the changes we can make to move forward. Scott Gellar is a high-energy, engaging speaker, and we encourage you to click here to watch the Ted Talk.

2. News Article: 6 Ways to Take the First Step of Your Journey to Success

Sherri Campbell,, Jan. 21, 2016

In this