The Three Types Of Mentors (And Which One You Need Now)

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I launched my career coaching practice in 2013 with the hope of changing the world for 20 and 30something job hunters. It might sound like a lofty goal, but after going from a dead-end, $30k a year admin job to a counterterrorism management position for the Pentagon, I knew I could teach others to immediately network their ways into management and a higher salary like I did. Albeit, starting my own business teaching clients how to find and land their dream jobs wasn’t exactly easy. And I’d be lying if I said that I was able to do it all alone. In order to help others with their respective journeys, I first needed to change myself (in the best way). So I began working with … Read More

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here Are Three Ways To Gain Perspective

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Have you ever found yourself working so hard toward a goal that you stop feeling connected to the purpose of it in the first place? Whether it’s a personal objective or a career milestone that you’re trying to reach, it’s easy to lose sight of the reason why you actually wanted to achieve this feat; this is especially true if you’re spending long hours grinding away at something that feels far off. Luckily, this doesn’t happen often for me: I love what I do and am fortunate to see the impact of my work on the lives of the clients I serve. But I got to that point this week with one of my bigger projects. After months of chipping away at it, I realized … Read More

How To Learn From Your Pain

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I was 19 years old. It was my sophomore year of college. Everything in my life was “perfect”. I had amazing friends, a busy love life, interesting classes, plans for a future that excited me. What more could I ask for? Nothing, it seemed…Until one March weekend when I visited my older sister at her home a few hours away. We were getting ready for a comedy show, and as I walked into her bathroom to borrow her hairbrush, I caught her doing drugs. I stood there in the doorway, feeling paralyzed as I stared at the events occurring in front of me. It felt like every bone in my body had disappeared. My entire perfect life seemed to fall down around me, and I … Read More

A Request Of You

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I spent this past weekend watching my friend compete in the Malibu triathlon, which is something that (to me) sounds worse than going to the dentist. Little did I know I’d have one of the most profound experiences of my life. I stood on the beach for hours as he swam, biked and ran. It wasn’t until I was waiting for him to cross the finish line that I noticed this woman next to me cheering very loudly… In fact, it was so loud I assumed someone very special to her was competing in the event. After listening to her scream to the runners, “You can do it! Finish strong! Let’s GO! You’re almost there…” I turned to her, and I asked curiously, “Who are … Read More