My Top Ten States To Start A Side Hustle

Originally Published in ForbesAshley Stahl

Red rocks with blue sky landscape in Arches National Park in Utah.

Being your own boss can be a pretty solid gig. You make your own hours, give yourself a day off when you need it, and reap all the rewards once you’ve earned your success. But if you’re not ready to take the plunge tofull-time just yet, consider starting a little side hustle to get you going. The extra cash flow certainly doesn’t hurt. So where are the best places to launch a side business? Whether you’re dog walking and house sitting or graphic designing and blogging, here’s my pick of the top 10 states to launch your side gig. 1. It’s all about Utah. Not only did CNBC recently ranked it as the no. 1 state in America for business, Forbes also ranked as no. 1 in 5 … Read More

The Truth About Creating Overnight Success

Originally Published in ForbesAshley Stahl

Running sports. Man runner and red tape

The clients who make my life easy are the ones willing to put hard work into their job search, just needing some direction and guidance. The tough ones are those who expect to find their dream job and triple their salary with little to no effort. Fortunately, I see more of the former than the latter—and I’m no wizard. Unfortunately, we do live in a society that is so obsessed with instant gratification that our focus is shifting away from hard work. What is up with this whole image of success being quick and easy? I’ve helped tons of clients increase their salaries, land their dream jobs, and jump-start their careers, but not a single one of them succeeded without putting in the work I … Read More

New Study Reveals That Cubicle Farms Are Ruining Employee Morale (And Output)

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Businesswoman in cubicle with laptop and stacks of files

If you’ve ever worked in a cubicle, you’ve undoubtedly had one of those days where you have a billion things to do, not enough time to do them all, and the banal office chatter and various other distractions are killing your stride. You swear you’re going to punch the next person who asks their cube neighbor if they watched last night’s episode of The Bachelor. Know that you’re not alone. The landscape of office environments has evolved tremendously over the past 50 years, and unfortunately not for the better. Gone are the days of the “corner office” that employees used to covet—and they didn’t just covet it for what it represented proverbially. Actual corner offices—affording the luxuries of privacy, a door that closes, and tons … Read More

How Much Does Industry Matter In Salary Negotiation?

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Money background. Shallow focus.

I’ve coached so many clients who are downright terrified of salary negotiations, but I’ll never forget one woman in particular… She would clam up and stumble over her words the second the topic came up — and her career suffered as a result. Upon listening to her discuss her salaries of the past, it was clear that she held a pattern of being dramatically underpaid considering her experience and skill set. Needless to say, salary negotiation — any negotiation — is a crucial skill to develop when you’re in the job market. Failing to negotiate salary can cost you big. I’ve seen job hunters go into negotiations without a plan (and not having a strategy is a very bad strategy). Some people make it personal … Read More