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Did you know that there are more CEO’s named John than there are female CEOs combined? This article is about gender pay gaps, but this piece of information just says it all.

The gender pay gap is still alive and well as we go into 2017, unfortunately. Some reports show that it’s slowly shrinking, but other analysts claim the change is so small (mere tenths of a percentage point) that the shrink the gap is negligible.

The hard truth either way is that women still make about20% less than men for doing the same jobs. That adds up to a whopping $10,470 less per year than men make for doing the exact same work. That’s more than $840 billion that women lose in wages every year.
Here are four facts about the gender pay gap that you likely didn’t

I once had a client, Ann, who came to me in a panic right after starting a new job. Prior to our initial meeting, the company had been aggressively recruiting her for a position that sounded exciting. However, a few weeks after she accepted the job, her hours, her work location, and title were not what she and the employer had discussed during negotiations.

…Sound familiar? I hear about workplace minefields like this all the time.

Ann was devastated. And rightfully so—there’s nothing worse than starting a job that turns out to be completely different than you discussed with the employer. You may even be questioning whether you should have left your last job or whether you can get your old job back. Not a fun situation to

Burnout doesn’t just affect your work life—it can have a detrimental effect on your health, your personal relationships, and your family. It’s a particularly important topic in my world, as many of my clients have come to me after being hit by the burnout train.

Stress and burnout have become an epidemic in our society. In one study, 80% of respondents said they experience stress at work and need help managing it. A recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association revealed that stress levels rose from one year to the next, with a sharp increase in those reporting that they experience extreme stress.

I was so inspired by Arianna Huffington’s intention to change this during a recent conversation I had with her about her new company, Thrive Global, which

"What can somebody with no self-confidence do to recognize their own talents and abilities?"

Every human being excels at something. First, do a benevolent and gentle inventory on yourself. Maybe you're a better listener. Maybe you are better at analytical things. Maybe you see correlations. Start with the understanding that every human being has value to contribute. You can't contribute until you refine and recognize what it is. It's like mining raw ore. You mine ore, refine it and convert it. We all have nuggets of gold within us. The first thing is to find your strengths and attributes and acknowledge those.

I am very gifted in marketing, strategy, and understanding the interactions amongst humans. However, I don't turn on my computer well. I'm a mad scientist,

Following certain best practices can make or break you in your quest for the right job. Some bad habits are obvious, where as others are more subtle-- and even the subtle ones can have a detrimental effect on your chances of landing the right job.

Here are eight common job search blunders with advice on how to avoid them.

1. Not networking.

You’ve heard me tout before that 80% of available jobs never get posted. So how are those positions getting filled if they’re not posted? Hiring managers are keen to encourage referrals among their networks so as to spare themselves the time and money required to post openings. Networking is a way of life—it’s not something that needs to happen at networking events. It can happen in airplanes,

We all want to know the secret to success, but the reality is that there are so many factors that go into what makes one truly successful. I’ve written before about how hard work and dedication is so important to achieving success. But of course, there’s more to success than just keeping your nose to the grindstone. Maintaining a solid mindset can go a long way towards helping you stay on the path to success.

Here are five ways to boost your mindset mojo for success today.

1. Learn lessons from your mistakes. Anyone who has achieved success can rattle off a list of failures they encountered along the way, I assure you. I’ve been there myself. As I built my business from the bottom up to the multi seven-figure mark,