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As the host of my own podcast, I'm often looking for other podcasts to seriously inspire me. Luckily, the podcast world is filled with some amazing, impressive entrepreneurs, business leaders, life coaches, and more . I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite podcasters, so you can get as motivated and moved as I am whenever I listen to them!
1. Mind Love Podcast, Melissa Monte.

If you’re looking to learn how to shift your mindset and develop some modern mindfulness techniques, look no further than Melissa Monte’s incredibly heartfelt, spiritual podcast, Mind Love. I love this podcast for so many reasons, many of which have to do with the ways Melissa masterfully dives into mastering your mindset, and how open she is about her journey.

Melissa is so inspiring… She went

It’s all in the name.
We all want to feel important at our places of business, because we are important. However it can be challenging to communicate the true level of responsibilities we have professionally just by offering a business card or introducing ourselves by role. The HR person reading your application may not know that being associate marketing assistant is a bigger deal than the name suggests.

While studies have uncovered that employees who created their own job titles identified as less stressed, it may lead to shortcomings elsewhere.

As a career coach, I see plenty of resumes. One thing I’ve noticed is how many people are inspired by the article on interesting job titles that exist around the world. Trevor, a career coaching client that I was working with brought

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard someone say, “You are what you eat!” at some point in your life. And while there’s definitely some truth to this statement — age-old aphorisms don’t become age-old aphorisms for nothing — what many of us might not have considered is just how deeply its logic applies to some of the more important individual aspects of everyday life.
Specifically, I’m talking about the way diet impacts work and productivity. While it’s true that we are what we eat, it’s also true that we work how we eat. That is to say, diet has a more direct impact on work output and productivity levels than most of us realize.

It’s no secret that, in the simplest possible terms, your digestive system uses up energy to

Originally published on Forbes.

What should absolutely be included on your resume? And what can you ditch?

My new client, Frank, was struggling hard with this question. He had only three years of professional work experience — and his resume was three pages long.

I had to hand it to him — the kid had spirit. Frank was an active volunteer, had won plenty of academic accolades during his college career and had taken on a lot of different job responsibilities in the three years he had been with his current company.
If you have an extensive work history, a two-page resume might be necessary. But your resume should virtually never be three pages long.
Did I mention that the average time a recruiter spends looking at your resume is

Did you know that there are more CEO’s named John than there are female CEOs combined? This article is about gender pay gaps, but this piece of information just says it all.

The gender pay gap is still alive and well as we go into 2017, unfortunately. Some reports show that it’s slowly shrinking, but other analysts claim the change is so small (mere tenths of a percentage point) that the shrink the gap is negligible.

The hard truth either way is that women still make about20% less than men for doing the same jobs. That adds up to a whopping $10,470 less per year than men make for doing the exact same work. That’s more than $840 billion that women lose in wages every year.
Here are four facts about the gender pay gap that you likely didn’t

Originally published on Forbes.

I once had a client, Ann, who came to me in a panic right after starting a new job. Prior to our initial meeting, the company had been aggressively recruiting her for a position that sounded exciting. However, a few weeks after she accepted the job, her hours, her work location, and title were not what she and the employer had discussed during negotiations.

…Sound familiar? I hear about workplace minefields like this all the time.

Ann was devastated. And rightfully so—there’s nothing worse than starting a job that turns out to be completely different than you discussed with the employer. You may even be questioning whether you should have left your last job or whether you can get your old job back. Not a


Ashley-StahlAshley Stahl
CEO + Career Coach

Ashley Stahl is a career coach and speaker who empowers 20 and 30somethings around the world in finding their purpose, landing more job offers and launching their dream businesses. At age 23, Stahl managed a high-level program for the Pentagon, for which she was named a “Top 99 Foreign Policy Leader Under 33” by Diplomatic Courier Magazine and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. Next, she was named Power 30 Under 30 leader by Apex Society for her work running the Global Threat Intelligence Team at a global political risk consultancy.

While preparing senior officials for the front lines of the war on terror, Ashley launched her leadership firm, Ashley Stahl International Inc., which offers private coaching and unparalleled online programs to empower Millennials to find their purpose, land more job offers and increase their income. She’s worked with thousands of 20somethings in 19 countries via her private coaching and online coaching program, the Limitless Career Lab.

Ashley Stahl is a columnist for Forbes on the topic of Gen Y women, careers and leadership, and also blogs for her own career blog at Her work has been featured on FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, SELF Magazine, the Washington Post, TEDx, Newsweek and more.

Ashley earned her Master’s degree in international relations from King’s College London, and is currently completing another Master’s in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from University of Redlands in government, history and French. She’s fluent in French and currently learning Arabic.