College Classes that Help Women in the Real World

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While studies show that millennials are the most educated generation, the numbers also show that they are also the most unemployed. The value of a Bachelor’s degree is undeniable, but the data indicates that a degree does not guarantee a job. So what can millennials do in college to prepare for the real world? Here are some unexpected courses that 20somethings should consider taking in preparation for adulthood… 1. Toastmasters. Toastmasters International is a highly regarded communication and leadership development club, with locations spread across the United States. For a very minimal cost, Toastmasters hosts hundreds of weekly groups, which meet locally to learn and practice public speaking techniques. Members rave about the experience and often remain in these close-knit chapters for years. The culture … Read More

The Mentality of an Excellent Networker

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If you’re up to your eyeballs in job applications this holiday season, it’s possible that you’re not networking enough. Great networkers never have to apply for jobs because they’ve made sure that someone in their network always has them in mind as a candidate. While it can be exhausting to always have your networking hat on, human interaction always beats the job applications that seemingly fly into cyber space. It’s do or die! Given that more than half of the vacancies in the United States don’t go posted, the jobs that do get posted are arguably less desirable. For this reason, I’d love to share the mentality of an excellent networker: 1. Networking is a way of life. Great networkers realize that the worst time … Read More

Networking Secrets: The Mentality of a Power Networker

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Many of the clients who come to me are at wits end. Some of them have applied for as many as 45 jobs and only heard back from three or four companies. The clients are confused – is the company really even hiring? Why do they have the job posted for months on end? Am I not good enough?? What does it take to get a darn interview?? These are the head games you start playing with yourself when you rely on job boards and websites to kick-start your career. There is a better way to find a job, and it doesn’t involve these outlets or all the emotional distress. I coach my clients in changing their approach to the job hunt, and the biggest … Read More

Tips to Network in Washington, DC

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Anyone who moves to Washington, DC learns very quickly that the city survives completely on networking. For this reason, many of my clients looking to break into government jobs after college often hit a wall: they have no contacts. I get very excited when I hear this concern, because it’s an opportunity for me to unleash my favorite networking fact: you can get to anyone. That’s right. The more you build on your networking skills, the more you’ll see the fruits of this effort manifesting in your life. Here’s a few tips to get started. 1. Join events email lists. The best events to attend in DC include those at the US Institute of Peace, Brookings, Washington Network Group, Women in International Security, CATO, Women … Read More