An inspiring interview with my mentor, Jay

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“What can somebody with no self-confidence do to recognize their own talents and abilities?” Every human being excels at something. First, do a benevolent and gentle inventory on yourself. Maybe you’re a better listener. Maybe you are better at analytical things. Maybe you see correlations. Start with the understanding that every human being has value to contribute. You can’t contribute until you refine and recognize what it is. It’s like mining raw ore. You mine ore, refine it and convert it. We all have nuggets of gold within us. The first thing is to find your strengths and attributes and acknowledge those. I am very gifted in marketing, strategy, and understanding the interactions amongst humans. However, I don’t turn on my computer well. I’m a … Read More

On Kindness

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“Don’t mistake my kindness as a weakness.” I heard that from a woman who runs a high-level intelligence unit for the Department of Homeland Security. We met at a networking event years ago and instantly turned into friends… And if you know me, you know my friends are the age of my mother. …So, she’s in her 50s and incredibly inspiring. With her red lipstick, her high heels and her leopard mittens on, I almost couldn’t take her seriously when she said those words. “Are you telling me you and your gummy bear martini over here can be aggressive and assertive towards people?” I asked. She fiercely starred me in the eye: “Oh, believe me. Just because I’m nice and I wear stilettos to the office doesn’t … Read More

On Giving

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It was 4am and I was in an uber en route to catch a flight to Chicago. I had a segment scheduled on Good Morning Chicago the next morning (here it is!), and was highly occupied with my notes. I looked up. My driver seemed sleepy… So I asked her: “Is this the beginning of your shift?” “No. I’ve been driving for 3 days now —all I’ve had is a couple of 2-3 hour naps,” she confessed. First, I felt a bit concerned about my safety being in a car with a driver who hadn’t slept. Then I felt some concern about her health… And then I was simply curious as to why she’d ever do something like that to herself. “My boyfriend left me, and I have three days left … Read More

On Courage

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I met my friend  Brad Kirsh in 1993. We were in elementary school, and I thought he was so cool that I even made myself a fake retainer so I could look like he did with his on! I was a ridiculous kid, but that’s a whole other email. Anyway, life happened. I grew up and so did he. Nothing went wrong, but we lost touch. …Do you have any people in your life like that? Ones that are just so kind that their friendship leaves an imprint on your heart, ones that you think are so special, ones that just come in and out for a season? I hope this email from me is a nudge to remind you that you should contact someone you … Read More