Five Ways To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

Originally Published in ForbesAshley Stahl

There are roughly 28 million small businesses in America— 22 million of which are entirely owned and operated by one person. With so many entrepreneurs out there, we can be sure that there are millions of amazing ideas and countless individuals who are risking it all to see them brought to life. However, it also leaves little doubt about how hard these individuals are working – often doing the work of ten or more people – to keep the trains running on time and their bank balances in the black. It’s exhausting, and it’s a problem. All businesses need leadership and vision, but overworked entrepreneurs often get so focused on the day-to-day duties and challenges that they lose sight of what drove them to start … Read More

How To Job Hunt In Washington, DC (Hint: USA Jobs Is A Cyber Abyss)

Job Hunting, Originally Published in ForbesAshley Stahl

When I was 22, I joined the tidal wave of hope-and-changers descending on D.C. with their student loan debt and relentless optimism. My sunny outlook seemed justifiable in light of the fact that I had a graduate degree and a plan of being the next “Maya” from Zero Dark Thirty. When people outside of D.C. learn that you want to be a federal spy, they talk about like it’s the yellow brick road: You want a government job? You’ve got a grad degree? will make it happen! So I just assumed it was the best (if not the only) option for landing a stellar job in D.C. That perspective changed immediately after I arrived in Washington. When someone would ask me how my … Read More