If not now, WHEN?


 “The trouble is, you think you have time.” -Buddha If you know your purpose, I believe it’s your moral obligation to live it. Plus, when you get clear on what you want, the universe does everything it can to support you in getting it. Many clients tell me they want to “find their purpose,” and a lot of the time, it’s sitting right under their nose. Once we discover it, I ask, why haven’t you pursued this?  THE ANSWERS: fear, discomfort, or the most common, “it’s just not the right time.” Why is it that we opt to delay this sort of joy and abundance?  One of the biggest challenges we face in our careers is this subconscious belief that we have time. We sincerely buy into the belief that if … Read More

Tips to Network in Washington, DC

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Anyone who moves to Washington, DC learns very quickly that the city survives completely on networking. For this reason, many of my clients looking to break into government jobs after college often hit a wall: they have no contacts. I get very excited when I hear this concern, because it’s an opportunity for me to unleash my favorite networking fact: you can get to anyone. That’s right. The more you build on your networking skills, the more you’ll see the fruits of this effort manifesting in your life. Here’s a few tips to get started. 1. Join events email lists. The best events to attend in DC include those at the US Institute of Peace, Brookings, Washington Network Group, Women in International Security, CATO, Women … Read More

Networking with Cold Emails

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It’s important that all careerists acknowledge the power of cold emails. Once you become persistent and determined to maintain a pace, you’ll learn that– whether you’re “someone” or not– you can get to anyone. When I lived in DC in 2009, my mind was blown by how many complete strangers were willing to go out of their way for me, all because of a brief cold email. And while I don’t encourage this as a full-on strategy, it’s important to appreciate it as an excellent starting point to build your network.When you identify a list of interesting people that you’d like to add to your network, consider opening the e-door through the following steps: 1. Let them know where you found them. The person you email … Read More