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Who You Are

You’re a woman who has seemingly done everything right:

You care about your career.
You put in the work.
You got your education.

…And yet, it feels like something’s missing.

Maybe you’re in your 20s and new to the workforce, or maybe you’re like many of my clients — a seasoned professional in her 30s or 40s — but one thing is for sure: you know your career could be even better… And you’re not sure where to go next.

You’re scared that you may have “wasted your time” and you’d hate to “make the wrong next move,” but you’re even more scared of living life without getting answers. After all, your career means a lot to you.

While many people would just stay stuck where they are, mediocrity is not an option for you — because you’re committed to figuring out who you are and truly loving your career.

Whether you outright hate your job, or you somewhat like it but know it could be better, you’re ready to get answers on what career path or vision will truly fulfill you and make an impact.

What Your Challenges Tend To Be . . .

You’re disappointed in your current situation and unsure about what to do next. You know there are lots of career paths out there, but you don’t know which one to commit to, one that will last long term…

You don’t just want another job, you want a meaningful career that pays you well and feels fulfilling. And you don’t want a mega pay cut either!

 “My experience with Ashley was transformative. The a-ha moments are fun, and the mind-blowing, yet simple strategies she teaches you are empowering. She gives you tools you didn’t even know you had, and she asks the RIGHT questions to help you figure yourself out.”

Kelly M.
New York, NY


You’re frustrated and overwhelmed, and your biggest battle is actually figuring out what you want and how to get it. You’re tired of just letting life and your career happen to you, and you’ve spent way too many hours daydreaming about jobs or trying to think your way into clarity.

You tell yourself you should be thankful for having a job at all, but deep down you know that you want your life’s work to count—you want it to mean something. All of this creates stress in your life and has taken a toll on your confidence; in fact, this experience makes you wonder whether something is wrong with you. A lot of energy is going out, but the results aren’t exactly what you want them to be, and you know you can’t keep doing the same things anymore because you keep getting the same under-whelming results. If we’re really being honest, you sometimes feel hopeless that you’ll never find your purpose in the workforce, let alone make a decent paycheck. You thought life and adulthood would be more fun than this.

“After my sessions with Ashley I gained so much clarity; now I know the right questions to ask, how to advocate for myself, how to brand myself, and how to take control of the conversation. Now I know the right questions to ask, how to advocate for myself, how to brand myself, and how to take control of the conversation. Ashley is very passionate about career coaching and this comes through with the results. I have a clear road map to where I want to go thanks to her, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants the same.”

Leah Luong
Thousand Oaks, CA

What You Need Most Right Now

  • More clarity on the most authentic career options for you.
  • Awareness on the types jobs and possibilities you didn’t even know existed!
  • To connect with yourself—to be honest with yourself.
  • A professional assessment of your strengths and core values.
  • More confidence to land that beautiful job you deserve.
  • Willingness to let go of all the reasons you’re staying in that soul-less career.
  • An action plan to get that dream career going.

“Ever since I finished the clarity training I knew I wanted to be a project manager, ideally…in Haiti. I’ve been working to reach my goal and 2 weeks ago I received an invitation via my schools newsletter to a networking event happening at the embassy of Haiti in Ottawa, Canada… People were so impressed by the fact that I had traveled 2 hours only for the event…that they came right up to talk to me, including the ambassador of Haiti. I practiced my elevator pitch and got many business cards. I also met a guy there and it turned out he is a big project manager in Ottawa…I ended up having my first coffee meeting!…Thank you Ash for everything!”

Medjine Antoine-Bellamy
Montreal, Quebec

 Ashley’s Career Clarity Formula

Ashley’s career clarity formula is a step-by-step system she’s created after coaching hundreds of women one-on-one, to help you find your purpose, and discover your best career fit! It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, but it provides a general blueprint for the ideal coaching experience that translates into results.

This system is accessible through private coaching (highly personalized), or through her Career Clarity Lab e-course (a more affordable option).


Albert Einstein brilliantly once said, “you cannot solve problems from the same level of thinking that created them.”

Needless to say, a certain level of thinking got you to where you are… and you’re not in love with your career. For this reason, I’m going to spend anywhere from 1-3 sessions asking you lots of questions about your career—what you like, what you don’t like, what you’re great at (and so much more!). I’ll also offer you some resources such as personalized exercises, personality assessments and a tailored booklist – all of which will allow me to start thinking about where there’s a disconnect and what careers paths may suit your talents and joys in life.

We’ll dive into your needs at work together, we’ll create a vision for the career you want, and we’ll explore your current mindset to assess where you can grow the most. Once we discover these blocks, I’ll facilitate you to release them.

Many people buy into the belief that they’re “stuck” or that they “can’t just leave”—and we want to change that belief for you. The only thing that’s ever “stuck” is your own thinking, and we will seriously up-level the way you see the world, and how you see what’s possible for you.

Part of this work is mindset, and part of it is in having a professional like me raise your awareness to options in the workforce you don’t even realize are available.

 “Working closely with Ashley has been a dream. I, like many millennials was lost, stuck in a career rut and needed guidance. Ashley came into my life exactly when I needed her. She hastaught me to let go, to unplug and to trust myself. My confidence level in the past fewmonths has grown immensely. Knowing that Ashley has complete faith in me has truly helpedme to have faith in myself. I know that with the tools Ashley has given me I can achievewhatever I set my mind to; I’m confident in my ability to stand out in my field of choice andI know that through our sessions Ashley has opened me up to a whole new world ofpossibilities. I can say, without a doubt that Ashley was born to be a coach. She is engaging,present, extremely supportive, and has the innate ability to help people see the real person inside. I am very lucky to have been able to work with Ashley, but I am extremely grateful to have met her.

We met in March of 2014 during a Los Angeles Spinsters meeting I was hosting at my house. I only knew a little bit about who Ashley was and what she did before she came to speak at our meeting, but I was eager to learn what exactly a career coach was and how Ashley got to where she is now. With no intention of wanting a coach or even thinking I needed one, I was surprised how moved I was during Ashley’s presentation. Her words were real, her experiences remarkable and her vision was possible. If she could do it, I could do it. During her presentation, Ashley talked about the importance of an elevator pitch, creating a story, finding a skill and having a goal, as well as how crucial it is to become a pro networker. She made it seem attainable to achieve whatever our hearts desired and gave the group a realistic approach to what we need to do to find clarity in our lives so we end up doing what we love. As soon as Ashley finished her presentation she allowed the girls in the group to ask questions. Although I had a plethora of questions running through my mind, I decided to stay silent and really absorb what Ashley talked about that night. A week later I was thirsty for more and decided to take control on my life and hire Ashley to help me find clarity in my career path and ultimately how to become more clear in my life.”*

Alex M.
Los Angeles, CA


When it comes to what types of careers are out there, you don’t know what you don’t know! That’s why one of the best ways I can support my clients is in helping them see all the different nuances and types of career paths that are accessible to them.

Having me as your coach means having someone consider the professional career paths that exist for you beyond your own awareness. I’ll take everything you share and come up with a list of career paths you’ve perhaps never considered. I’ve seen my clients get hired in more traditional roles (PR, medical, marketing, communications, fashion, finance, etc.) and I’ve also seen many go amazingly “rogue”—think sommeliers, naturopaths, virtual reality, and so much more… The sky is truly the limit, and the biggest gift I can give you is support in accessing your own awareness: helping you see options in places you don’t see them, and helping you discover what your natural gifts truly are.

Over the course of 1-3 more sessions, I’ll share some of my signature clarity exercises with you. In doing these exercises, we will have rich conversations about what career paths are possible for you, and based on your feedback, we will tailor our options down into a short list that you can pursue.

 “After being abruptly evacuated from my Peace Corps service in Ukraine, I found myself feeling lost and suddenly out of a job. My life was flipped on its head almost over night. I felt unsure about what I wanted to do and what I had to offer as a “sort of” Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and recent college grad. For a few months, while living at home, I had considered going to find a job in DC (my background is in International Affairs), though after my evacuation from Ukraine I wasn’t exactly in the mood to take big risks.

Then I met Ashley.

I found out about Ashley from a friend who had recently received career counseling herself, and highly recommended I talk with her regarding my career goals and aspirations. After our meetings going out to DC no longer felt like such a risk. I had a much better idea of what I wanted to do and confidence in what I had to offer, as well as the necessary tangible skills to pursue my goals. Although there were no guarantees, I went out to DC and employed the ideas given to me from Ashley.

Remembering her words of wisdom I networked like crazy and made real, mutually-beneficial connections with people. One of the connections ultimately resulted in a job; today, I’m working for a government contractor as a content manager. Ashley is quick to deflect any responsibility for my achievements, though I can say with confidence that if it wasn’t for this amazing individual I would not be where I am today.

Anyway, I have to say you wont meet a more passionate and knowledgeable person about helping millennials. In our discussion I quickly realized this is someone who really cares and understands the challenges facing our generation and job markets. In our consultations, which felt more like meeting with a close friend, I learned how to better communicate with others, leverage my past experiences, and network effectively.”

Adam Azoff
Washington, DC


This is where it gets fun! Now that we’ve done an intense dive into who you are, your strengths, and the best options for you, you will COMMIT to a path you’re excited about. We’ll support you with the tools you need to bring it to life, based on your needs, including:

  • Polishing your elevator pitch.
  • Creating a personal branding strategy (including social media!).
  • Resume and cover letter writing.
  • Networking strategies.
  • Salary negotiation (you don’t need to make less money when you pivot!!).

Whether you stay in a career related to the one you’re in now, or you make a total pivot, we’ll focus on building up your network and getting you in a position to land job offers, without having to take a massive pay cut!

candice-n“I met Ashley at an Event.  She was hosting a workshop on elevator pitches to improve with the job hunt.  I found her very insightful, and there was an instant a connection.  She was not trying to sell, or promote her business.  She genuinely wanted to help people.  I was able to discover I was holding myself back in finding my career.  It was hard for me to focus, because I was afraid of the unknown, taking a chance, and failing.  Ashley is a spectacular motivator, mentor, cheerleader, and a friend.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is lost in the chaotic world of looking for a career, not a job.  She will help you tune into the career path that you are supposed to have.”*

Candice N.
Los Angeles, CA