We've been lied to. We were told that if you "follow your passion", you'll land a new job that you love. But this just isn't how the job hunt works.
My thoughts as a career expert…? 

- Don’t apply for jobs online. 
- Don’t network with family or friends. 
- Don’t take a job to get your foot in the door. 
- Don’t ask people to pass your resume around.
Land a job you Love, Pronto -
Even If You Have Little Experience!
I thought I did everything right—I went to college, took on every internship under the sun, worked hard, and… couldn’t land a job to save my life.   

Now, I’ve been fortunate enough to become an award-winning counterterrorism professional, and accelerate quickly through the corporate ranks!   

I was grateful to eventually be featured as a career coach in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, SELF, TEDx and more for my work in helping hundreds of others do the same in their own careers. 

…But I didn’t get there doing any of the typical career or job hunt advice you hear.

In fact doing a lot of those typical job hunt moves—applying for jobs online, asking people to pass my resume around, and more—got me nowhere.

…Perhaps you can relate?

After finishing my degree, I spent months applying for jobs and never hearing back... And eventually, I accepted a job as an admin assistant making minimum wage. 

To know that I had real potential to make an impact in the world as I sat in my desk doing nothing of meaning really ate at my soul.    
 I counted down until 5pm every day.  
I could hardly afford my bills.  
I lived for the weekends.  
I felt undervalued.  
I knew I needed to make a change. So I quit my job, moved to Washington, DC, and – in only 6 weeks— I landed three job offers, nearly tripled my salary, and accepted a management-level position running a program for the Pentagon.  

How did I land a new, high-paying job so quickly (DESPITE having such little experience)?  

After lots of trial and error, I came up with a job-hunting system—a step-by-step formula that turned my conversations into job interviews… And it then turned my job interviews into job offers.   

I’ve since been on a quest over the past 7 years to help as many job seekers as possible with this step-by-step system that takes them out of overwhelm and into JOB OFFERS—regardless of whether they have little experience, are making a career pivot, are seasoned professionals, are new employees… All of it.    

I’ve supported thousands of job seekers in 30 countries through my job-hunting course, and it would be my highest honor to support you, too! 
What if I could completely take the guess work out of your job hunt, so you can land a new job you love in just a few weeks.
What if you started hearing back on all your applications? What if you aced every single curveball job interview question? This is the entire point of the Job Offer Academy.

"I left feeling empowered, armed with tools on how to frame conversations, negotiate, and make better professional decisions."

-Shanelle C.
Richmond, VA
"Landed my dream job in a new city, found my purpose, and got a 50% raise - in just 6 weeks!"

-Lauren Hutnick
Los Angeles, CA
"Before working with Ashley, I applied to so many jobs and never heard back. After following Ashley's LinkedIn teachings in her Job Academy, I heard back the next day from a recruiter at my dream job. I got the position the following week!"

-Andrea G
The Hague, Netherlands
"Our conversations left me feeling inspired & motivated to make my dreams a reality. Using the skills I learned, I was able to land multiple offers in a field that excites me, even while I was living 7,000 miles away. I’m moving to Germany with a great position lined up, a goal I used to think I would never achieve."

-Caitlin C
Frankfurt, Germany
Land a new job you love - 
in record time
If not now, when?
What's included in the Job Offer Academy?
  •  8 step-by-step video trainings (a total of 10 hours of instruction).
  •  5 tutorials on how to leverage social media in your job search.
  •  Downloadable workbook (accompanying every training video).
Module #1: Clarity
  • Get clear on your natural gifts + how to turn them into the best job for you.
  •  Discover career paths you never knew existed.
  •  Switch careers with ease - even if you have little experience.
  • + TUTORIAL 1: Find Your Purpose Through Effective Research On LinkedIn     
Module #2: Elevator Pitch
  •  Discover the formula to answer the most common interview and networking question: "Tell me about yourself."
  •  Learn THE two key questions to ask to turn more conversations into job interviews!
Module #3: Resume
  •   Learn how to craft a resume that stands out in the pile - and gets a call back.
Module #4: Cover Letter
  •  Write a cover letter that grabs employers' attention - and makes you their first call for the job.
Module #5: Find Out Who Can Hire You (Networking Part I)
  •  Discover how to get in touch with the exact people who have the power to hire you...And get them excited to meet you.
  • + TUTORIAL 2: Discover How To Target The Right Contacts On LinkedIn.
  • + TUTORIAL 3: Brand Yourself On Twitter (And Learn How To Network With Power Players!)
Module #6: Write The Perfect Cold Email (Networking Part II)
  •  Discover exactly how to write an email that inspires a response from recruiters and hiring managers.
  • + TUTORIAL 4: How To Find Anyone's Email.
  • + TUTORIAL 5: How To Leverage Your College Alumni Network
Module #7: Ace Your Job Interviews
  •  Ace every curveball interview question that comes your way!
  •  Discover the best answers for the most pressing interview questions.
Module #8: Get Paid What You're Worth
  •  Discover how to masterfully negotiate so you can get paid what you're worth.
  • ...This section ALONE will pay for the course thousands of times over!
FREE BONUS (for the next 17 people who join!)…  


Once you learn some of the best networking strategies, why not join forces with fellow alums who can support you in your job search? 

This group will get ongoing access to freebies from me, including audios, group coaching calls, e-books and more!
100% Money Back Guarantee
If after 7 days, you don't feel this is the right program for you, just turn in your completed homework, and we will give you a full refund.
Here's What You Get When You Join Us Today:
  •  Access to 8 video trainings (10+ hours of instruction), delivered over 14 days
  •  Access to 5 tutorials on how to leverage social media when job hunting.
  •  Downloadable workbook with exercises for each training.
  •  Access to the Job Offer Academy Facebook Group (for Alumni!)
I wanted to show job seekers that they are NOT their circumstances. With this simple step-by-step system in the Job Offer Academy, they'll learn how to master the job hunt and get paid what they're worth! This is the exact plan I followed to go from an admin assistant making minimum wage to a 6 figure management level job for the Pentagon in Washington, DC, all in ONE 6-week job hunt!

Ashley Stahl, Creator of the Job Offer Academy
Today You Will Learn How To Take Charge Of Your Career, Land A Fulfilling New Job, And Get Paid What You’re Worth—In Record Time!    

Luck favors the bold! Don’t wait to take action—join me now! We have a limited number of seats at this price point, and once we fill up, this offer will expire.   

You deserve to love your job—it’s time to say goodbye to that Sunday night sickness, where you’re dreading Monday. 
"Doubled my salary, AND I interviewed so well that they created a position FOR me!"

-Shar Rauch
San Francisco, CA
"I landed a new, amazing job I never thought I could get, got a 60% pay increase, and had three more job offers come my way in 4 weeks!"

-Rory Gory
Los Angeles, CA
"After one year of job hunting, I almost gave up - until I found Ashley! Within 8 weeks, I landed a new job I was so excited about, and transitioned careers without an issue."

-Kristi Siemsen
Pittsburg, PA
"I made a complete career pivot and was able to get the exact job at the exact company that I wanted at a salary that's perfect for me. It's the smartest investment you could make in a job hunt - if you want to make more money, feel aligned with your soul - this is the way to go."

-Kimberly Nanney-Pine
San Francisco, CA

"If you spend money to work in a career you love and make more money than you did before, it is a small investment overall and the program will probably end up paying for itself like it has for so many people....If I could give her a rating higher than five stars, I would."

“I came across her webinar via Facebook. By the end, I knew I had sign up. I went slowly through the modules and then I was laid off, so there was a huge motivating factor for me to embrace everything as much as I could and bring it to life in my job search. From the first day of my layoff until I signed a job offer, I had interviews on a weekly basis, except for one week I took a vacation. There were so many options. My friends kept asking me how I got that many interviews. I made it to several final round interviews and with two different organizations, I interviewed for one position but the interviewees found that they wanted me for even higher level positions. The job I currently have, is a temporary gig only so they could slot me into a position that my boss and I are creating now. It is amazing at how I ended up here. 

The energy that Ashley brings is so powerful and she really does have a passion for my success (and everyone else). She says so many things that resonates with my belief system and I respond well to people who are truly genuine and nice. When I saw that people who never worked with Ashley reviewed her based off a free webinar, I felt hurt by what they had to say because she is so amazing and I really think they are missing out not being able to see Ashley’s positive light and skills but people view their world through their own lens. And so, maybe that is why the Facebook client group is filled warmth and kindness because not one person speaks negatively of others and we all have a mutual respect for each other. 

What I found to be a highlight, is the Facebook group. Imagine being in a group of hundreds of people cheering you on, who share stories that we can all learn from. If you thrive in very positive supportive respectful environments (it is not a space for bullies) then this is the best place for you and your career path. You are not alone and you will never feel stuck in your career ever again. 

I am beyond grateful for Ashley and I will continue to watch her career grow. I will always support her any way I can because I cannot repay her for everything she has helped me with. She is a true inspiration and I hope that myself and others who have worked with her can convey she is worth the investment. Because if you spend money to work in a career you love and make more money than you did before, it is a small investment overall and the program will probably end up paying for itself like it has for so many people. 

Thank you so much, Ashley. If I could give you a rating higher than five stars, I would.”

Shar R
Oakland, CA

“Ashley Stahl is a very gifted and resourceful business woman and coach."

"I have watched her over the past 5 years network and position herself to exactly where she wanted to be. She is driven and purposeful; I would recommend her to anyone without reservation! 

I have 30 years of work experience and was having a difficult time expressing my talents effectively on my resume. Ashley was able to take the information I provided her and turn my resume an incredible job search tool which has gotten me noticed and contacted. 

If you want direct, up-to-date, informative help, Ashley is the one to go to. She is going to give you the information and tools you need to succeed; all you have to do is listen, execute and it will change your life!”

Gwenda Huebner
Simi Valley, CA

"Using the skills I learned from our sessions, I was able to land multiple offers in a field that excites me, even while I was living 7,000 miles away."

“As my college graduation loomed, I was feeling really stuck about where my future was headed. I had always dreamed of living abroad in Europe, but I worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a fulfilling career. I reached out to Ashley after seeing her TEDx talk and I’m so glad that I did, because working with her changed my life for the better. Anxiety had been a major obstacle in my professional development, but Ashley sees the real potential within you, and gives you concrete tools to dismantle the fears that are holding you back. Our conversations left me feeling inspired and motivated to make my dreams a reality. Using the skills I learned from our sessions, I was able to land multiple offers in a field that excites me, even while I was living 7,000 miles away. I’m moving to Germany with a great position lined up, a goal I used to think I would never achieve. I would recommend Ashley’s coaching to anyone looking to realize their personal and professional potential, especially young women. I know that I will use her advice for years to come.”*

Caitlin C
Frankfurt, Germand

"Ashley has transformed my view on my professional future because now I am equipped with the tools to be take big action, and receive big results."

Ashley Stahl is a gift. It was clear in every aspect of our communication — from our consultation to our final session that she is a person genuinely invested in delivering her clients results both personally and professionally. She walks you through every element of the process — the elevator pitch, the resume, the networking, the negotiation — so you feel confident and comfortable taking strategic and decisive action even after the session is over.

Undoubtedly, one of Ashley’s most powerful attributes is that she leads by example. When she speaks to you on a subject or topic — whether entrepreneurship, negotiation, branding, or networking — she speaks with confidence and competence not only because she has experience with these areas from her own career but also because she is continuously acquiring new best practices, techniques, skills to assist her clients. Ashley values being of service and this was crystal clear in all our interactions. I am so grateful for Ashley. She has transformed my view on my professional future because now I am equipped with the tools to be take big action, and receive big results.

I can only hope to have the opportunity to work with Ashley again..”

-Laurese B
New York, NY

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